Our Team

PBP is an agency of licensed healthcare benefits advisors who specialize in Healthplan options. Our goal is to simplify the Healthplan insurance process by providing unbiased guidance and solutions that meet your individual healthcare needs.  We service the following states:  Hawaii, Washington, California, Nevada, Oregon, Arizona, Idaho.  PBP is also proud to support multiple ethnicities and languages in our communities.  Languages other than English that are available:  Mandarin, Cantonese, Fookien, Tagalog, Illocano, Vietnamese, Korean, Pangasinan, Hindi, Gujarati, Spanish, Chamorro, Punjabi, Arabic, Illongo

Gioconda Martinez

Language: Spanish

License Number: 3223320

Johnny Lantoria

Language: Tagalog

License Number: 138317

Florence Ong

Languages: Tagalog, Fookien (Chinese)

License Number: 864425

Katherine “Kat” Borja Egdamin

Language: Chamorro

License Number: 387076 

Flora Hall

Language: Spanish

License Number: 3323386

Rekha Patel

Languages: Hindi and Gujarati

License Number: 158618

Renee Rabago

Languages: Ilocano & Pangasinan

License Number: 153321

DuWayne Thomas De Lemos

License Number: 3443100

John Peters

License Number: 3441671

Kiki Huang

Languages: Chinese Cantonese & Mandarin

License Number: 880566

Judy Lam

Languages: Chinese ( included Cantonese and Mandarin) , Vietnamese

License Number: 788341

Kelly Lu

Language: Chinese (Mandarin)

License Number: 759922

Mel Bernard

Language: Tagalog

License Number: 889798

Andrea McCoy

License Number: 985225

Julie Mollett

License Number: 3288517

Billy Epps Jr.

License Number: 972110

Sheryl Camacho-Epps

Language: Tagalog

License Number: 917037

Susie Waggoner

Languages: Tagalog, Ilonggo

License Number: 879749

Christina Louie

Language: Chinese

License Number: 357726

Debbie Pulis

License Number: 948068